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Second post for today, but I have had quite a few people asking me questions on where I have purchased my organisation containers here in Australia..

I have found so much inspiration form Jennifer McGuire and Michelle Short’s organisation videos, Jennifer for the containers and the way she is using these types of containers and Michelle for her amazing organisational skills..

If you follow Jennifer like a lot of us do, you will see lots of tips and tricks and sneak peeks into her amazing craft room, one of the storage features she shares is using Linus Fridge Binz to contain a lot of her stamps and dies etc..

Of course, I thought this was brilliant and realised that for many reasons, I felt I could adapt the same process for myself and see if it works for me, I know that there are so many other containers out there that will work for you, you just have to do a lot of research and I am sure it would be fabulous also…

I like that the Linus containers are clear, heavy duty durable, have a nice handle to grab the containers and so user for me this is what I need..

Here is a video that I quickly put together, sorry about the messy table behind, but I wanted to get this video done and share my links with you all….scroll down under the video to see all the information on the stores and links to containers..Enjoy!

I researched many places here in Australia trying to find places that I could source these Linus containers, I manged to find 2 of them, this first company is called, Lifespace…Amazing company, only a small company, based in Adelaide, SA, Australia, their customer service is fabulous and shipping is fast, well packaged and arrives safely.  I love that I can support smaller businesses run by families and I know I will be continuing to purchase from Lifespace..

Now I wrote to the owners of Lifespace to see if they were restocking one of the containers that I purchased, I wanted to be sure that they would be doing so before I went ahead and shared information, in case they were not there was not much point in sharing that type of container with you, but happy to say that their shipment will be arriving soon..

Here are the containers that I have purchased from Lifespace..


 Interdesign Linus Pullz Divided Caddy No.8

Dimensions H 89mm x W 203mm x D 292mm


 Interdesign Linus Pullz Caddy No.8

Dimensions H 89mm x W 203mm x D 292mm


Interdesign Linus Pullz Caddy No.6

Dimensions H 89mm x W 152mm x D 280mm


Interdesign Fridge Binz No. 4

Dimensions H 100mm x W 100mm x D 370mm


Whitmor Small 3 Section Drawer Organiser

Dimensions H40mm x W299mm x D114mm


Whitmor Small 6 Section Drawer Organiser

Dimensions H40mm x W300mm x D300mm

After much research, I was talking to my friend Teresa and was telling her that I had found these Linus containers in Australia, she then informed me that Howards Storage World stocked these as well, so when I went on the search online, she was in fact correct, online was offering quite a few storage containers and of course I placed an order and thrilled to say that the service is brilliant, fast shipping and also fabulous customer service..

Pretty much the links above are the same as I have purchased through Howards Storage World, so I will link to a couple of sections that will take you right to these containers at Howards Storage World..


Fridge Binz

If you are in an area that has a lot of these businesses, which I know there are quite a few, then you can go to the actual store..

Once again, you need to find what will work good for you and really a craft room is an ever changing experience, research and watch videos, go to organisation stores and search around..

Thanks for popping by for another post today, I hope this post is quite helpful to a lot of you and especially to my fellow Australian craft peeps!


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  • conil

    You’re so sweet to share all this info and the different bins you’ve found. Since my space is a complete disaster area, I have a ton of work to do. Thanks, again.ReplyCancel

  • Had to pop over and LISTEN to your video — I love your accent :) — well worth the visit even though I won’t be ordering from your vendors being in the states. Have a great week end~ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for all the research on these storage bins! There are lots of Howard Storage stores in Melbourne! Another storage solution I’ve been looking at containers from Muji, a new Japanese homewares store in Melbourne.ReplyCancel

  • Aileen

    Joy, thanks so much for doing that. I too watch all of Jennifers tutorials on how to set up and things to use but hate that so much that gets mentioned is available in America only or shipping would make it so out of reach. This is fantastic.ReplyCancel

  • Tracey

    Hi Joy – just thought I’d let you know I found very similar containers and purchased from BigW in the storage section. Fit well in both my Liatorp shelves and Alex (narrow) drawers from IKEA :-)ReplyCancel

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