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Today is the final day of the 5 Days to an Organised Crafty Stash…

The DT are sharing all about Stencils, Embellishments and Tools today..

I start out by sharing how I store my Sequins…a lot of people have the Elizabeth Ward Storage containers, here in Australia, we have something similar and if you are in Australia and looking for this wonderful storage solution, you can purchase through Spotlight, these ones I purchased are called Crafters Choice…

I label the top of the container with the name of the sequin and the size for keeping track of product that I need to list in my posts..

My other embellishments are a hot mess due to work in progress in my craft room, but I will share again soon once it has had the big change over..

Next, it is onto Tools, so I have a big carousel that I got from Making Memories at the time, it was the best purchase ever, I have this to the right of me with most of my tools within this..

The drawer on the left side of the of my crafting table holds a lot of glues, wipes, Un-Du and a few date stamps, it really as you can see just a catch all, but it works and well keeping it real…

The other thing that I would say I use as a tool are my embossing powders, I place the most used ones in a clear container that has a plastic spoon, this I find a fantastic way to store these powders, I can place the card stock over the top of the opened container and the powder falls straight back in…this is in a little cubby hole to the left of me as well..

My last storage system is my stencils, I keep these in the stencil pockets from MFT with a label at the top of the pocket, I line the inside with white card stock and place the stencil inside, I keep these in an IKEA container for now and it works as I can just flick through and find the one I am after..

I really hope that you have enjoyed viewing the last 5 days and that you have gained some tips along the way..

Have a wonderful and fun day!


  • I have loved seeing how you organise your supplies over the last 5 days, Joy! Wishing you all the best with your big craftroom redo! Looking forward to seeing it! Hope you are well <3ReplyCancel

  • Tara Prince

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas!!ReplyCancel


I hope you have been enjoying the 5 Days to an Organised Crafty Stash, the DT have some amazing and wonderful ideas that I hope give you some tips to start to organise your stash..

Today we are at day 4 and we are sharing all about Card Stock, Pattern Paper and Felt ideas..

For me my card stock has evolved in so many different ways and I am still not sure if I like the way I store it now, but I am also in the middle of the big change to my craft room, so I may just need to get used to it, but I have to say it looks so pretty in all those colours and so neat :)

I keep my card stock in storage pockets that a wonderful friend sent me from the States, I add Post-it Sticker Tabs at the side that has the name of course of the company and the name of the card stock, this makes for easy access and the colours I use on my cards…I hold the card stock in magazine files, that are then in my mini kalax…the scraps of card stock I place in the back of the pocket…I am still in the process of gaining all my card stock colours from MFT..

To keep me on track and help me with my designs I also store card stock samples in the Coin pockets, with the name of company and card stock colour, great tool to have to flip through the book and choose the right colours I need…

My pattern paper I keep on one of the shelves in my room in an Interdesign Fridge Bin, it is a larger one that can hold quite a few paper pads, I still have quite a bit of room to fill this tub…

My felt is a new addition to the craft room and I had trouble trying to figure out how I wished to store my MFT felt to keep it clean, as my fur baby, Bentley loves to visit and flick his hair in the craft room occasionally LOL so I chose to cut down the piece into 2 parts that were even and place in the larger sized clear pockets, with a white piece of card stock as the lining, adding a label of the felt name at the top of the pocket, I place these at the moment into a white tub that I purchased from IKEA, still working on the best way to store, but as I have said my room is taking a change, with a new piece of furniture arriving today, so excited to set it up and start to shift things around..

Enjoy day 4 and I will be back with day 5 tomorrow..


  • Tara Prince

    I love the idea of the post it sticker tabs! I use the job ticket holders too.ReplyCancel

  • Alison Bennett

    Love how you store your cardstock !!! Do you mind sharing the brand of job ticket pockets? I’ve look on around and cant find that type of packaging.

    Thanks so much,

Hello there

So today at MFT we continue the Organised Crafty Stash posts, this being day 3 and today we are sharing Die-namics..

I keep my dies pretty much the same storage system as my stamps, in the Fridge Bins…

The stand alone dies, I store in the smaller clear pockets that MFT sell with the label maker use creating the name of the die at the top of the pocket..

With the stamps that have the matching dies, I like to slip these into the back of the pocket, this does free up a lot of space for me..once again the pocket is labelled at the top..

I like to keep dividers between the dies so that I can find them easily, so things like Stax, Accents, Interactive, Words and Alphabets as examples, these dividers are the clear plastic ones I also use for my stamps..

Some of the dies come automatically with a magnetic back and that is handy to keep the dies together..

Enjoy viewing everyone’s storage ideas today, I will be back with day 4 tomorrow..



Hello Again

Welcome back to day 2 of the 5 Days to an Organised Crafty Stash…I sure hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Inks and Colouring Mediums and picked up some tips along the way…

Today is all about Stamps, be sure to check the blog to see what the rest of the DT share too..

For me, I like to keep my clear stamps and rubber stamps well organised, it so helps me when creating, especially if I am under the pump to get a quick card made…

I like to store my stamps in clear containers called Fridge Containers, these are the twin ones, if in Australia and are wondering where I purchase mine, I get them through Howards Storage World…I have these containers in the base of my Kallax and can fit 4 containers along the bottom…

When my new DT package arrives I will generally place the new stamps inside a clear pocket that MFT sell, inside the clear pocket I like to have a piece of white card stock that you can clearly see the stamp set when flicking through the pile of stamps, I place a label on the top of the pocket..

I have dividers in my containers and just recently I found separating the stamps into categories helps me work more efficiently, so each section is divided with a clear plastic sheet, that I use the label maker to add titles like Birdie Brown, Love, Interactive, Baby, Sentiments etc..

My Background stamps are a lot larger and I just keep them in another larger Fridge Container and with these because I don’t have a lot, I just flick through to find the one I wish to use…

I hope you enjoy viewing everyone’s Stamp Organisation today, I will be back tomorrow with more shares of my crafty stash..


  • Tara Prince

    Great organization! I love this!ReplyCancel


Hope you all had a great day, I took Mum out for a day out and it was lovely spending sometime together, lovely sunshine and just a really good day!

Tonight, I am back to share the May Birthday Project, be sure to head over to the Challenge Blog to see how you can enter for a chance to win and see loads of inspiration to get you started..

For my card, I couldn’t go past the Birthday Chicks, the cupcakes and those chicks are just the perfect pair and perfect for this months challenge too, being that it is all about cakes…

I stamped out the images I wanted, coloured in with Copics and die cut them out..

Onto a piece of white card stock, I took the Basic Shapes Stencil – Circle and some Berrylicious ink, applying some circles to the centre of the card stock..

I added my little chicks and finished off by adding a sentiment and scattering of Clear Sequins..

Come back again in a few minutes where I will share day 2 of the 5 Days of an Organised Crafty Stash..

Have a fabulous day!







I am sure that you guys are going to love the next 5 days ahead, then DT at MFT are sharing pictures and write up’s about how they organise their supplies..

Today we are all sharing Inks and Colouring Mediums..

I love to organise when I get the chance, I know that it is a never ending progress and a constant change..

My room earlier this year found a change, with hopefully the second part of the room transform to take place either later this year or next…I just have to stop spending on craft supplies to complete :)

Basically, 2 round 8hr trips to IKEA saw Darryl, install a Kallax, to which I added draws to and tin boxes, in addition to the Kallax, I brought a smaller 4 x 4 one and 2 of the smaller Alex Drawers and I could not be more thrilled, I just need to work out what I eventually want to have in the Kallax, it is a bit hodge podge at the moment..

So onto how I store my Ink and Colouring Mediums…

The first 2 pictures I share are all the MFT Premium Dye Ink Pads, it took me awhile to gain all of these inks, but they are my go to inks…

I have a large table that my parents brought me years and years ago when I was studying and there are 2 draws at the left of where I sit, so I took my label maker and all the inks and placed the name on the side, I was thrilled to learn that all of these inks fit with a little bit more room to spare…

As I was placing the labels onto the side, I also downloaded and typed out the names of the inks onto 2 x 2 card stock panels, that fit into the coin pockets…this of course you can find on Jennifer McGuire’s blog, the queen of crafting and organising and one that a lot of us have followed suit in regards to our crafty organisation..

This ink swatch book is a handy tool for me when choosing colours and matching up with the card stocks…so worth the time and effort..

Next, is one of my favourite pieces in the room, my Copic storage system, the very first piece of furniture that Darryl ever built for me, very talented man, this piece sits to the left of me on my table and I am able to grab the colours that I need to colour amazing stamp sets from MFT…I love that I have a little bit of room for some refills also, although I am running out of room and will need to find a new system and yes there are a lot of Copics, a lot saving and over a long time I have managed to gain quite a few…

My Mini Distress Ink Cubes are ones that I seem to gravitate to a lot and I find that the handy little caddies are perfect to grab and place on my desk to start the blending or water colouring with…I have placed under each of the ink cubes a round blending foam ready to blend…I do have almost all the Distress Oxides but sadly could not take a photo as they are at the moment in a box ready to be sorted, but I do love using both of these inks…

The final medium that I wish to share with you is my water colours, to which I store in one of the draws of the Alex system, here I have my Peerless, Metallics, Palettes and other water colours…

My pencils are another medium that still needs to find a place, for now they are stored in tins and my Polychromos are also in their tin that they came in…

I know that I am extremely lucky and blessed to have a full room to call my craft space, I know there are a lot of you out there that don’t have a dedicated area, but where ever that space is, remember that it is yours and one that you can escape to create and have some down time…

I hope that sharing the next 5 days you will find some inspiration and tips along the way on how to store your products..

Thanks for hanging in on this long post, I will be back again tomorrow for Day 2 of the Crafty Stash..


  • Jackie Parkins

    Thanks for sharing your storage ideas. I have some Alex drawers and I love them, too. I’ve been tempted to store my ink pads that way but am afraid the ink will settle to the sides of the pad. You haven’t had any issues with that yet? How long have you had them stored that way?ReplyCancel

  • Barbara M

    I do some of very same things! I have Alex drawers and some ink holders from stamp and storage. I use the tins to hold the small inks. My tip is for the pencils …use the pencil rolls. The tins got messy. The rolls held each pencil individually and able line them up on the shelf. I use 2 / 72 pencils each for my polychromes.Got them on Amazon. I like it when the MFT team has these series of sharing ! Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Wonderful storage ideas! Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Megan

    Darryl sounds like a wonderful person! I love that you need to spend less on craft supplies! So true if you buy more things you need more storage. It’s a vicious circle. Best of luck to you.ReplyCancel

  • Lynda Bart

    I follow your blog every day. You have such talent! Now, reading this post, I am green with envy about your stash! I have a small craft area in my living room, I own NO Copics, very few inks and no watercolors. Yet, I am able to create cards that satisfy my bit of creativity and all because of inspiration from you. Thank you for sharing these tips on organization and some day I may need to follow your advice after I acquire more “stash” of my own. God bless.ReplyCancel

  • Nina Houghton

    Loved reading this, Joy. You have inspired me with your beautiful cards, and now I get a glimpse of your creating space! Thank you for sharing with us! I have gleaned quite a few ideas!ReplyCancel

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